10040 LEINI' (TO)

Stand: B7
Pavilion: 24

Exhibitor products:
Exhibitor main category: Metal working and iron and steel mills

Saet Emmedi develops and produces cutting-edge technology solutions in induction heating. Founded in 1966 in Leinì, in the surroundings of Turin, Saet Spa quickly turned to innovation to make a difference among the numerous suppliers of the car industry present around Turin in Italy and became the first induction heating company of the country, a worldwide center of excellence in induction technology and applications. In 2006 Emmedi joined the group, thus adding and integrating additional product lines in the tube, pipe and wire industry. Deriving from a long tradition of know-how and expertise in induction and automation technology, Saet Emmedi operates through an international network to offer each customer the best standard and customized solutions, tailor-made products and services, and long-term support. Since induction heating is a versatile technology used for different processes, applicable in a variety of industrial sectors, Saet Emmedi's R&D Laboratory can guide customers through efficient and technological process solutions, and the design and manufacturing of equipment also for the heating of bars, billets, wires, and tubes and all the other innovative and customized application developments.


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