05 Oct 2021

Made in Steel 2021: the Renaissance of Steel begins here

On today’s programme: the inauguration session, a lecture by Alec Ross, the Steel Vision conference and the Made in Steel Awards ceremony.

Future and Sustainability. Made in Steel 2021 will focus on the future of the industry and its sustainability. Together with the entire supply chain, the ninth edition of Made in Steel will seek new ways to ignite the Renaissance of Steel.

What are the keywords of the inauguration session scheduled for today (Tuesday, 5th October 2021) at 10:30, siderweb Conference Room? “Made in Steel 2021 – The future is shaped in steel” is the title of the opening event of the exhibition with Emanuele Morandi (Made in Steel), Luca Palermo (Fiera Milano), Antonio Gozzi (Federacciai), Riccardo Benso (Assofermet) and Stefano Vittorio Kuhn (BPER Banca).

At 11.30 Alec Ross‘s storytelling will help us go deep into the Renaissance of steel themes, with a lecture entitled “RENAISSANCE – Here begins the steel rebirth“.  Alec Ross will help us find new ideas and a vision to pursue future initiatives. The goal is to contribute to defining an inclusive and beauty-generating culture for the supply chain of all supply chains.

Starting at 2.30 pm, at the siderweb Conference Room, we will talk about the future with “Steel Vision: preparing for the steel of tomorrow”. The conference will hinge around three questions:  What will the supply chain look like in the next few years? Which aspects of internationalization will we have to deal with? How will operators have to change? We will be exploring the topics with Barbara Beltrame (Confindustria), Fernando Espada (Eurometal), Mario Caldonazzo (Eurofer), Gianpietro Benedetti (Danieli Group).

Finally, the first day of Made in Steel 2021 will end with the Made in Steel Awards ceremony.


Made in Steel 2021: over 13,000 participants at the steel Renaissance

The ninth edition of the Steel Conference & Exhibition beyond expectations.

Together we can. Together everything is possible

Thank you all. Thank you for being there and bringing the enthusiasm of the restart at Made in Steel 2021.

The present and the future of Steel will be the main topic of the last day of Made in Steel 2021

The morning will be devoted to examining the distributors’ market. Bilanci d’Acciaio will close the three-day event.