18 Jul 2017

Made in Steel brings supply and demand closer together

Attending Made in Steel is “very important” for business operators. So say 33.6% of exhibitors and 24.7% of visitors to the 2017 show. And just under 43% of exhibitors and more than 46% of visitors found it “quite important”. Further data suggest that being absent from the event could mean missing out on vital business opportunities: over 68% of those who visited Made in Steel on 17, 18 and 19 May have purchasing discretion, i.e. they make decisions either independently or together with others (24.9% and 43.3% respectively).

As a result Made in Steel can truly claim to represent a point of encounter between the biggest representatives of supply and demand. A place where they can develop a palpable energy that can drive the Italian and European steel industries for months to come. To the satisfaction of both visitors and exhibitors.

These are the findings of the Made in Steel 2017 Customer Insight Survey conducted by GRS Explori, an independent trade fair analyst who gathered quantitative and qualitative data via a post-exhibition questionnaire. Overall satisfaction with the event was positive for 84% of visitors and 82.6% of exhibitors. 27.7% say they will “certainly”, and 49.6% “probably” be back for Made in Steel 2019. And 34.1% of visitors will also be present at the next edition of the ‘steel biennial’ (50.8% probably).

Finally, one word to sum up Made in Steel: valuable, above all for the visitors; interesting for the exhibitors. With all satisfaction metrics surveyed up.

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