“Man, not technology, stands at the centre of innovation”

The CEO of Made in Steel, Emanuele Morandi, at the 4th Danieli Innovaction Meeting

The steel manufacturers’ view of Made in Steel

Opportunity for meetings, international presence, a cultural hub for the steel industry

The industry associations’ view of Made in Steel

The event as seen through the eyes of the steel supply chain representatives

Made in Steel, why you should be there

A recap of the 2017 edition

Made in Steel brings supply and demand closer together

Exhibitors and visitors found the event valuable and interesting, expressing a positive overall opinion. Satisfaction metrics gathered and analysed by GRS Explori all up

«STRONGER TOGETHER» GLOBAL STEEL, analysis and business at Made in Steel 2017

The special booklet «STRONGER TOGETHER» GLOBAL STEEL, analysis and business at Made in Steel 2017

Made in Steel: growing attendance up 15% for the seventh edition of Made in Steel

Upward trends for the Steel Industry conference and exhibition event. More square meters of exhibiting area sold, larger foreign exhibitor presence

Made in Steel Award: seventh edition best exhibitor

Award Winners: Baosteel Italia Distribution Center, Acciaierie Venete and Euro Sider Scalo

The voices of Made in Steel

Some people are coming back, others are visiting for the first time. Some are here to look for opportunities and create new relationships with potential international partners. Others are convinced Made in Steel is a place for business growth, a place where the future trends in the steel industry unveil. These are the voices we […]