Made in Steel is on its way: registration opens in May

Less than one month to go to registration for the eighth international steel industry Conference & Exhibition. Numbers are up, according to ISFCERT

innovA to change the future of steel

Made in Steel organizes a new event in Lombardy to show and let you discover the latest technological innovations for the steel industry

Made in Steel: from 14 to 16 May 2019 in Milan

The eighth edition of the main Conference & Exhibition in Southern Europe dedicated to the steel industry will take place in Milan next year

A positive 2018 for the steel industry?

The outlook for the new year. It slows down in Europe, but growth in steel demand persists. Prices for carbon coke and iron ore expected to fall

Bilanci d’Acciaio: Siderweb presents the economic and financial numbers of the Italian steel industry

The Made in Steel organiser’s annual report reveals signs of health for steel profits

Made in Steel is the steel industry

The voices of those who work and process steel

“Man, not technology, stands at the centre of innovation”

The CEO of Made in Steel, Emanuele Morandi, at the 4th Danieli Innovaction Meeting

The steel manufacturers’ view of Made in Steel

Opportunity for meetings, international presence, a cultural hub for the steel industry

The industry associations’ view of Made in Steel

The event as seen through the eyes of the steel supply chain representatives