The event will be held at the Fiera Milano district in Rho (Milan) S.S. del Sempione, 28, in Halls 22 and 24.
The event is for industry professionals of the Italian and international steel supply chain.
Visitor access is allowed from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM, from May 6th to May 9th, 2025.
For details, please consult this page.
You can do so directly on the website, in the online catalogue.
The chosen partner for accommodations is MiCo DMC, details are available at this link.
Yes, the reception within the ticket office offers cloakroom and luggage storage services (charges may apply).
Several dining options will be available, in the pavilion and in the surrounding area; further details will be provided closer to the event.
Made in Steel is not authorized to issue invitation letters or assist with visas; if need be, exhibitors should be contacted directly for these kinds of requests.
Entry is not permitted for minors under the age of 18.
Yes, schools are welcome to submit their request on official school letterhead to info@madeinsteel.it, providing the list of students, accompanying teachers, and their preferred visit date.
It is prohibited to bring animals into the pavilions.
Yes, there will be basic coverage in the pavilions, free of charge.
No, entry is free upon registrationClick here for more info.
Yes, the ticket grants access for all three days of the event.
Numerous parking facilities are available around the exhibition district.

Click here for further information.
Fiera Milano provides full assistance for disabled visitors with dedicated services.
Request your pass to access the services  sending an e-mail to fieraccessibile@fieramilano.it  at least 30 days before the day you will visit Made in Steel.
To reserve wheelchairs to assist mobility within the fieramilano Rho district CLICK HERE or contact the Mobility center at +39 389 8384077 | info@mobilitycenter.it.
All parking areas are provided with parking bays for disabled people. We suggest to park at P3-South Gate or PM1-West Gate.
All conferences held by siderweb in the siderweb Conference Room are free; however, some conferences may require an invitation or some form of preregistration: therefore, we advise checking the program, as soon as available, of each congress individually.


The Customer is the person who signs the Application for Admission as well as the addressee of the invoice of the supply contract and the party required to make the relevant payment (Customer).

The Exhibitor is the receiver of the exhibition area (Stand) and any other corollary services, may also be the customer.

If the Customer signs the Application for Admission and the related additional contractual documentation in his/her own name but on behalf of a third party, the Stand and any other accessories will not go to the Customer but to a third party who will effectively be exhibiting during the Exhibition (Exhibitor or Sole Exhibitor). In this case, the Customer will sign the Application for Admission, while the Exhibitor will have to sign the Application for Participation.
The participation fee and the registration fee include the following services and facilities:

• Exhibition area, excluding set-up for areas over 32 sqm
• Climatization of the pavilions during the Event
• General day and night surveillance of the pavilions (special surveillance services can be requested for a fee to Fiera Milano S.p.A. entering the E-Service through the Fiera Milano exhibitor Platform)
• General fire prevention
• Stand signs
• Entry in the Official Catalogue
• Entrance documents for Exhibitors (see art. 25.2 of the General Rules, version May 2024)
• Paper catalogue: n. 1 copy per Exhibitor
• Complementary events arranged by the Organizer (conferences and congresses)
• Law compliant Fire extinguishers
• Single property charge (CUP) (see Art. 16 of the General Rules, version May 2024))
• First connection to a 32 A/400 V 3 P+N+E CEE socket, up to an uptake of 10 kW. If the same socket has an uptake of greater than 10 kW, a lump sum cost equal to the amount defined in price list 2025 shall be charged in the final statement.  Any additional connections shall be charged according to the 2025 price list Parking badges proportionate to the area purchased (see art. 25.3 of the General Rules, version May 2024))
• Wi-Fi coverage in the pavilions
• General cleaning of the stand. The service includes the following services: cleaning of the floor and any floor coverings, e.g., carpeting (carpet washing and removal of stains or spots is excluded), dusting
of the furniture in the stand (excluding exposed exhibits), emptying of waste bins. Furniture, materials, equipment and products on display are excluded from the service.
• Carpet disposal: removal excluded for free area, removal included for pre-fitted area.
• Copyright clearance for any audiovisual installations in the stands. Live performances (with singer and/ or musical instruments) are not included in this coverage and the Exhibitor must make arrangements for them directly at the SIAE offices located in the city. The rights of performers and phonographic producers entitled to the rights on recordings and, on their behalf, of SCF-Società Consortile Fonografici are included, pursuant to articles 72 and 73/bis of Law 633/1941. The rights of performers and phonographic producers pursuant to art. 73 of the above mentioned Law for the diffusion of phonograms and music videos during fashion shows, DJ sets with or without dance are not included. Therefore, the Organizers of such events are invited to contact SCF-Società Consortile Fonografici - Via Leone XIII, 14 - 20145 Milan- Tel. +39 02 465475.1 - info@scfitalia.it in order to comply with the legal obligations in force.

The use of intellectual works, as well as the absence of the SIAE stamp on the above mentioned supports are sanctionable according to art. 171 and following, Law 633/41.
The split payment option (art. 17-ter of DPR no. 633/72) is a particular mechanism for the application of VAT to specific entities. This discipline was introduced by art. 1, paragraph 629, letter b), of Law no. 190/2014.  
By way of example and not exhaustively, the regulation concerns: 
• companies effectively controlled by the presidency of the Council of Ministers and by the Ministries; 
• entities or companies controlled by Central Administrations; 
• entities or companies controlled by Local Administrations; 
• entities or companies controlled by National Pension and Welfare Institutions;  
• entities, foundations or companies owned by Public Administrations  
• listed companies included in the FTSE MIB index of the Italian Stock Exchange.  

The split payment entails that, for the supply of goods and the provision of services made to certain subjects, expressly provided for by the regulation, the tax is charged by the supplier, but paid to the Tax Administration by the client. On the website of the Department of Finance, the lists of subjects subject to split payment are available. https://www1.finanze.gov.it/finanze/split_payment/public/#/#testata 
The setting-up and dismantling operations times are available at this link.
Upon notification of the stand allocation, you will receive an email from noreply@onelogin.com that will allow you to activate the Fiera ID and access the Exhibitor Portal of Fiera Milano.

Here you will find useful tools for your participation, such as the ability to download exhibitor passes, parking information, request quotes, confirm technical services and other commercial services.
After entering the name and surname of each participant, each Exhibitor is allowed to print directly from Fiera Milano exhibitor Platform the following quantities of badges in proportion to the area occupied:

• Up to 50 sqm: n. 15;
• from 51 sqm to 100 sqm: n. 25;
• over 101 sqm: n. 50.
Each Co-Exhibitor is entitled to 5 badges.
Yes, Exhibitor Passes are also valid during setting up and dismantling operations.
Parking spaces can be assigned following the registration of the number plate on the Fiera Milano exhibitor Platform in “VEHICLE PRE ACCREDITATION”. Please select the item “EXHIBITORS’ PARKING PLACES DURING THE EVENT” in the virtual shop managed by Fiera Milano S.p.A.
Free parking spaces are allocated to Exhibitors according to the area occupied and applying the following criteria:
• Up to 32 sqm: 1 free parking space;
• From 33 sqm to 100 sqm: 2 free parking spaces;
• From 101 sqm to 160 sqm: 3 free parking spaces;
• Over 160 sqm: 4 free parking spaces.
Each Co-Exhibitor will have 1 free parking space.
No, for setup and teardown phases, you need to download other specific passes through the Exhibitor Portal of Fiera Milano within the  Accreditation, Assembly and Dismatling Card.
All additional purchases must be made through the Fiera Milano Exhibitor Portal, in the E-SERVICE section.
Fiera Milano furnishes to Exhibitor/co-Exhibitor, free of charge, an “All Risks” insurance with a limit of Euro 25.000,00, to cover all goods, machinery, fixtures, fittings and equipment brought to and/or used at the Exhibition Centre by Exhibitors/co-Exhibitors.

Coverage includes the stipulation of 10% insurance exclusion for each claim in the event of theft, with a minimum of Euro 250,00 and doubling this amounts for the reports submitted after the closing of the exhibition.

This insurance policy shall have no effect in the event of:
• sale to the public with immediate delivery of the exhibited products, during Events where such activity is prohibited;
• early withdrawal from the stand;
• delay without notice, of the collection of materials left in the Exhibition Centre.
Yes, there will be basic coverage in the pavilions, free of charge.
Exhibiting companies can apply for Fiera Milano food and catering services in the respective section of the exhibitor platform and/or by contacting ristorazione@fieramilano.it – tel. (+39) 02. 4997.6365/7425/7805 - https://ristorazione.fieramilano.it.

Third party catering companies and exhibitors who wish to offer food and drink to their guests of their own accord can purchase passes for access and resupply when submitting the necessary documentation.

The procedure is available on the exhibitor Platform > Cards > Manage Documents > Mandatory Documents > Catering Section and/ or in the Fiera Milano Technical Regulation.
The Official Freight Forwarders of Fiera Milano S.p.A. are available to carry out any operation connected with the introduction and customs clearance of machinery and materials, including crane service and the service of collecting, storing and returning packaging, as well as reshipment of materials at the end of the Exhibition.

Ph. +39 02 92956098  - email: ops.fieramilano@expotrans.net  
The event is reserved for industry professionals, and access is free upon registration.
Visitors can request their admission ticket online, with details provided on the event's website, in the Visitors section.
For visitors who haven't preregistered, registration will be available at the reception of pavilions 22 and 24.
Pre-fitted stands are standardized setups provided by the organizer. They are mandatory for areas smaller than 32 square meters.
Click here for further information.
You can customise the furniture and graphics on the walls (for more information, please contact allinclusivestand@fieramilano.it). 
Click here for further information.
Unfortunately, the front banner cannot be customized with logos. Only the company name will be printed on the banner if sent to commerciale@madeinsteel.it by 28th of May 2025.
We are aware of these entities attempting to sell lists or requesting confirmation of exhibitor data, but beware, these are outright scams. Despite using the name or logo of Made in Steel, they are in no way affiliated with our event or organization. 

Here a list of companies that have been reported to us.