Exhibitors - Service info


In order to access and circulate through the Fairground during the Conference & Exhibition, Exhibitor and its Personnel must be provided with the appropriate Exhibitor Card, requiring through FIERA MILANO online shop E-SERVICE – Exhibitors Cards area.

The Exhibitor Card is valid from the first day of setting up, during the Exhibition and until the last day of dismantling.

Exhibitors Cards available:

  • up to 50 sq m: 15 cards;
  • from 51 to 100 sq m: 25 cards;
  • over 101 sq m: 50 cards;

We have recently become aware of the fact that some external entities have been sending exhibitors of national and international trade shows various commercial offers, requesting confirmation of personal data and requesting payment for services on behalf of Made in Steel, even though these external entities are not in any way connected to our exhibition nor to our organization.
In this respect, we would like to highlight that we have not in any way authorised any external companies to sell on our behalf any form of advertising, products or services and/or to use our
trademarks and logos. We kindly invite you to contact our office for any eventual doubts so we can make all necessary verifications.