23 Mar 2017

“Stronger together” also with the Stati Generali dell’ACCIAIO, the General Assembly of the Steel Industry

After 9 months, 10 round tables, and with the contribution of approximately 70 participants, the project of the Stati Generali dell’ACCIAIO has completed another phase of its development. Recently, the last meeting has closed a cycle of itinerating conferences triggered off by the initial launch of the project. Delegates from Manufacturing and Production, Distribution, Services and Research centres met at Aim, Aib, Csmt, Lgh, Beretta, Feralpi Group and Fonderie Zanardi. Currently, the working group leaders are in the process of drafting the final project papers arising from the project, marking a watershed between the old and the new steel culture.

The next phase will be Made in Steel: during the main Southern European Conference & Exhibition dedicated to the steel industry, the papers will be presented to stakeholders, politicians and the authorities. This will give momentum to the development of a new steel culture, in a time when the entire industry is driving (in some cases) and enduring (in other cases) historic changes.

The “Geography and the Steel Market” group, coordinated by Stefano Ferrari  (Head of the Siderweb Study Unit), debated steelmaking in the age of extreme globalization. The change of direction from the start of the Trump era is decisive: from Brexit and MES to China, the debate moved on to trade agreements, import duties, regionalization and overcapacity.

New business models, Industry 4.0 and servitization were recurrent themes in the contributions made to the “Innovation and the digital revolution” group coordinated by Lucio Dall’Angelo, General Manager of Siderweb. The Calenda stimulus plan, in addition to the strong push towards digitalization, were also on the agenda.

However, knowledge, contamination and sharing remain keywords.  «Overcapacity and hyper-competition have resulted in devastating consequences. The old steel value chain is moving its first steps in a new world based on sharing information and economy» states Emanuele Morandi, President of Siderweb. Perhaps the steel industry has not fully realized this. Stati Generali dell’ACCIAIO aims at supporting the shift «from a reality of fear and hyper-competition, where the competitor must be eliminated, to a steel industry that generates and gains value through cooperation».


The soul of Steel: the top ten have been selected

The photo contest has drawn to an end and the jury has selected the photos that will be displayed in the Made in Steel Square and the 48 photos that will be projected in the common areas.

The conferences of the 2017 edition

The complete conference program of the seventh edition of Made in Steel.

Matchmaking: the digital agenda for exhibitors and visitors at Made in Steel 2017

Making appointments with partners and clients during the exhibition dedicated to the steel industry has never been easier with a new online service, now active less than a month away from opening at the Fieramilano Rho Exhibition Centre