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obtained the RINA Certificate for the sustainable design and management of the event in compliance with the standard ISO 20121.


A sustainable and responsible event

Organizing a sustainable event means designing, planning, and executing it in a way that minimizes its negative impact on the environment and community hosting it.
In line with this notion, Made in Steel obtained the RINA Certificate for the sustainable design and management of the event in compliance with the standard ISO 20121, with reference to the principles of management, inclusivity, integrity, and transparency suggested by the standard and the seven principles of social responsibility expressed by the ISO 26000 guideline.


The seven principles of social responsibility

1. Accountability
2. Transparency
3. Ethical behavior
4. Respect for stakeholder interests
5. Respect for the rule of law
6. Respect for the international norms of behavior
7. Respect for Human Rights

The sustainability policy of Made in Steel covers both exhibition and conference activities. It represents the organization's commitment to comply with all legal requirements and voluntary standards, and to continuously improve performance to achieve set objectives.

Organizing and running the 2025 edition of the Conference & Exhibition with a sustainable and responsible approach entails: on a social level, engaging all stakeholders and promoting social inclusion; on an environmental level, promoting the dematerialization of paper materials and favoring sustainable materials that are as local as possible. Additionally, a new governance approach is necessary, including the definition of measurable objectives, as well as raising awareness and promoting our ESG principles to exhibitors, visitors, and suppliers, to achieve innovation and continuous improvement.

Sustainability Policy

Read the Sustainability Policy of Made in Steel 2025


of Values

The fundamental principle and values ​​of our corporate philosophy

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«The word 'sustainability' comes from sustain, which is also the third pedal of the piano. It's the pedal that extends the note, allowing it to resonate for a long time» (Oscar Farinetti)

Caring about longevity, corporate value over time, the environment, and future generations is a challenge that, as part of the steel industry and an industrial system, we must embrace.
Since 2005, Made in Steel has been an innovative platform for relationships, business, and knowledge.
We wondered how to make the event an example of sustainability as well: UNI EN ISO 20121 certification is the first step we want to take, rethinking the organization, processes, and ESGs.

Made in Steel is home to industry operators, which is why we want to give voice to and highlight those who, like you, are already making sustainability their business model, promoting a journey that, once again, we can and must undertake together.

Francesca Morandi

Made in Steel Content manager

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