How to apply

Booking an exposition space at Made in Steel is quick and easy.

If your company participated in the 2023 edition of Made in Steel - as an exhibitor or as a customer on behalf of a third party – by clicking Yes and entering HERE the email of the event contact person of the past registration, you can access the pre-filled registration form with your personal data and follow the procedure you already know and which is listed below.

If you are a new customer/exhibitor, check that the exhibiting company, which might not coincide with the name on the contract, belongs to one of the product categories admitted to the exhibition and follow the instructions below to complete your registration.



To obtain an estimate, enter your data carefully on the registration form. Please remember to enter your data correctly so as to ensure the accuracy of your documentation. After filling in all the required fields and sending off the form, complete the procedure by activating your account, using the link in the “confirm your account” e-mail you received. Your registration is now confirmed. You can access the map of pavilions to obtain an estimate or book exposition space via the link in the “registration confirmed” e-mail you received (always check the spam folder as well) or directly on the exhibition's website.

To continue, enter the username you received during the registration process and the password you created.



Choose the stand you prefer from the interactive map. You can choose as many stands as you need, closing one dialogue window and selecting another stand. The rate may vary depending on the number of open sides.

You will be notified of the stands you have selected and costs in real time.
You can alter your choices and cancel previous ones at any time.
Once you have decided the stand(s) you want, confirm your booking.



Made in Steel will send you a confirmation e-mail containing the details of your selection, the terms and conditions and payment instructions.
To complete your booking it is necessary and essential to sign, stamp and forward the "Application for Admission" to together with a copy of the payment no later than 10 days from this e-mail.

If this does not happen, after 10 days it shall no longer be possible to complete your reservation and your selection shall not be be considered.

The participation costs are shown in the table below. Remember that for stands up to 32 sqm the ‘shell scheme’ option is obligatory.

Registration fee revenues (million euro) <10 Between 10 and 50 >50
€ 450 € 600 € 800
Participation fee €/sqm Free Area (Early Bird price until 31/07/2024) Open on 1 side Open on 2 sides Open on 3 or more sides
33sqm ≥ Free Area ≤ 100sqm € 224 € 244 € 255
Free Area >101 sqm € 212 € 232  € 240

Mezzanine Area

(Available only for free area equal to or greater than 90 sqm - see article 19.1)

€ 90 € 90  € 90

Free Area + Pre-fitted

Free Area ≤ 32 sqm 

€ 336 € 355 € 365
Fee for each Represented Company
(catalogue registration included) € 100
Fee for each Co-Exhibitor
(includes mandatory registration fees and registration in the Catalogue) € 600

Prices are in € per sqm net of VAT (if applicable – see Art. 6 of General Rules (version May 2024)).

Exhibitors/Co-Exhibitors who have been duly notified, will benefit of an “All Risks” insurance coverage, free of charge - see Art. 18 of General Rules (version May 2024).


Use the username you received during the registration process and the password you created to access your reserved area on the website. From here you can:

  • Enter/edit your data for the online catalogue
  • Purchase complementary services (co-exhibitors, represented firms, visibility in the official exhibition catalogue etc.)
  • Browse and download regulations and administrative documents

Click here to download the exhibition vademecum 

Click here to proceed with registration

Click here to download the pre-furnished booths form