The tenth edition will be held at fieramilano Rho on 9, 10 and 11 May 2023, organized by siderweb - The steel community

  • Emanuele Morandi, president of Made in Steel: "Three challenges for steel: new technologies, sustainability and communication"

  • Alessandro Banzato, president of Federacciai: "It is important to meet and discuss in the 'agora' of the steel industry"


Flero (Bs), 30 May 2022 - The tenth edition of Made in Steel, the international Conference & Exhibition dedicated to the steel industry, will be held at fieramilano Rho on 9, 10 and 11 May 2023. The announcement was made during the webinar 'Made in Steel - The supply chain beyond black swans', organized by siderweb – La community dell’acciaio (The steel community). In addition, exhibition space reservations were officially opened.


Since 2005, the year of the first edition, the biennial event has seen continuous growth, so much so that it has shifted its focus from the southern European steel supply chain to the international one, expanding its area of influence and attractiveness. 


184 exhibitors, 22 of them coming from abroad, participated in Made in Steel 2021 covering an exhibition area of about 10,000 square metres. A total of 15 different countries were represented by exhibitors. 13,505 visitors came from 68 countries. The 2023 event will be sponsored by BPER Banca.  


Emanuele Morandi, President of Made in Steel:

"Our beloved world of steel is facing a complexity unprecedented in its recent history. A change of scenario that must be interpreted and managed by trying to anticipate a future where three challenges converge: understand and adopt new technologies, because those who ignore them will be out of the market; embrace sustainability, because the linear 'produce-consume-discard' model has become  obsolete and only those who embrace the new circular economy model will have a future; provide truthful and transparent communication, opening  doors to the final consumer's scrutiny. We will present our vision once again at Made in Steel in May 2023, with our usual humbleness and the courage to listen to the entire supply chain.”


Alessandro Banzato, President of Federacciai:

"Last year we experienced an exciting Made in Steel because the feeling of rebirth was palpable. We all had the impression that the worst of the pandemic was behind us and we were experiencing an extremely favorable and perhaps, with hindsight, overly euphoric market moment. If I were to anticipate next year’s sentiment, it would be a big question mark. The uncertainties caused by the ongoing conflict on Europe's doorstep, the rising costs of energy and raw materials that have triggered inflationary dynamics that could bring growth to an abrupt halt, are more tangible than just a worry. Whatever the situation will be next year, hoping first and foremost for the return of peace as soon as possible, it will be even more important for us to get together and discuss in what is the main 'piazza' of our community, Made in Steel, the 'agora' of the steel supply chain.”


Riccardo Benso, President of Assofermet:

"It is difficult to imagine a clear scenario for next year. We are witnessing a major phase of instability. Economic events such as recession, inflation and unavailability of primary goods, both for global communities and industrial systems, will determine the real world trends. The protagonists of this era, with Europe at the forefront and leading the way, will have to face unprecedented difficulties; one needs only think of the complexity on the supply side of metals that are fundamental to the development of 'green' technologies. Those supply chains that consent an equilibrium between the partners will have the chance to take up new global challenges and prove themselves up to the task, teaming up and collaborating to distribute costs and benefits fairly and make this industrial revolution, which aims at the sustainability of our activities, a great opportunity for development.”


Stefano Vittorio Kuhn, National Head of Commercial Network at BPER Banca:

"BPER Banca's institutional mission is to support business and enhance the competitiveness of key sectors for the communities. We are convinced that the decision to be a partner in the tenth edition of Made in Steel can stimulate the debate between professionals and entrepreneurs and help develop know-how in a strategic sector for many regions of Italy, which is called upon to find solutions to today's sudden changes while facing decisive challenges for the future.”


THE STEEL ECONOMY - In 2021, Italy produced 24.41 million tonnes of steel (source: Federacciai). In the first four months of 2022, output was 8.13 million tonnes, down 2.4% compared to the same period in 2021. From December 2021 to March 2022, production was always negative mainly due to high energy prices. April was the first positive month of the year.


In 2021, Italy imported 30 million tonnes of raw materials and steel products and exported 18.3 million tonnes. The year has shown a clear recovery: import is back above the levels of 2019 and 2018; export still is 400 thousand tonnes short of 2019. It remains to be seen whether this decrease in export was caused by the recovery of domestic consumption or by a loss of competitiveness of Italian steelmakers on the international market. The trade balance still shows a structural deficit.


According to the World Steel Association, Italian steel consumption will fall by 500 thousand tonnes in 2022 compared to last year, down to 25.4 million tonnes, rising to 26.3 million in 2023.


In general, the prices of the main steel products are declining, after the fierce flare-up that began after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


"We are at a delicate turning point: steel is grappling with the vicious circle of falling prices and falling demand. It remains to be seen what the outcome will be” explained the Head of siderweb Research Office, Stefano Ferrari. “There are many question marks. The first risk is related to the war in Ukraine, followed by the trend of Covid-19 infection in China, where lockdowns are slowing down port activities and export. Other aspects to be monitored are inflation, more restrictive economic policies, the reconfiguration of foreign trade, and the green transition.”



Made in Steel 2023 is sold out!

Hundreds of exhibitors from Italy and around the world, more than 14,000 square meters: a new record for the Conference & Exhibition.

Made in Steel 2023: sold out

Hundreds of exhibitors from Italy and around the world, more than 14,000 square meters, a record for the international Conference & Exhibition dedicated to the steel supply chain.

Happy Holidays from the Made in Steel team!

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