Determination and kindness

The Charter of Values represents the fundamental principles that underlie our corporate philosophy.
A map that brings together the guiding values not only of the way we do business, but more importantly of our being together, of our existence.




THE INDIVIDUAL. Morandi places respect for the person at the centre of relationships, professional and otherwise. Placing the person at the centre means creating a welcoming, helpful, and attentive working environment, where people can feel at home and find in the company a fertile ground for growth, enhancement and training


KNOWLEDGE. The Morandi Group operates vertically in the steel supply chain: we provide the supply chain with content, relationships, products. Competence, commitment, and in-depth knowledge are essential to what we give. Permanent education, detail analysis, reading and contamination from external sources become personal and team tools to build and spread a culture of knowledge in the steel industry.


KINDNESS. Morandi intends to build solid and long-lasting relationships, both internally and externally, with customers, suppliers, and other counterparts. Developing positive and virtuous relations, inside and outside the company, means adopting an attitude of fairness and trust, kindness and transparency, cooperation, and altruism among people, even before that between the company and its functions


CARE. The care of the environment around us, of the workplace; fighting prejudice amongst colleagues. Respect for those who will come after us and attention to the way competence and know-how are passed on. 'Sustainability' is today’s catchword, but this is first and foremost a form of care: care for us, for others, for the future we will leave to our children.


INNOVATION. We relentlessly set new goals for ourselves and our work, aimed at improving the methods and contents of the proposals we make to our customers. There is always room for improvement, each objective is a springboard towards new achievements, and this attitude of innovation, flexibility, and confidence in the future leads us to welcome change with a smile, thinking "why not?" 



Made in Steel Sustainability Policy

Organizing its 10th edition, Made in Steel strengthens its commitment to sustainability by starting the process to obtain RINA certification according to the ISO 20121 standard.

The sustainability path will cover both activities inherent to exhibition and conference activities.


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