Exhibitors beyond expectations at the main Conference & Exhibition in Southern Europe dedicated to the steel industry from 5 to 7 October at fieramilano Rho.Steel returns to prominence and after two years of positive demand.

Chairman Emanuele Morandi: "All the players in the supply chain are involved and are fullly aware that we are going through a unique historical phase".




  • Acciaierie d'Italia, Duferco Italia Holding, Feralpi Holding, Arvedi Group, Danieli Group, Marcegaglia Group, Metinvest Europe among the big steel companies featuring in the conference programme. 
  • Represented steel associations: representatives of Assofermet, Confindustria, Eurofer, Eurometal and Federacciai.
  • Federacciai general meeting on Wednesday 6 October.




Flero (Brescia), 21 September 2021 - Recovery, price volatility, material shortage, innovation and sustainability are the key words for steel in 2021. These are the the main themes of Made in Steel 2021, the principal Conference & Exhibition of Southern Europe dedicated to the steel supply chain, which will be held from 5 to 7 October at fieramilano Rho (Milan) under the title "RENAISSANCE - Here begins the steel rebirth".


The ninth edition will host numerous conferences, with over 30 national and international  speakers, and will give thousands of steel operators the opportunity to do business and meet face to face again at an international event, for the first time in the world since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.


"Finally Made in Steel! With the 2021 edition, already postponed twice, we want to start again... from the Future. It will not be a nostalgic return to a past that no longer exists and that has been swept away, not only by the pandemic but also by the desire to redesign and the courage that drives the entire supply chain. There is magic in the air and we will feel it during the three days of Made in Steel. An event that will be different from 2019, but no less engaging and exciting. All the players in the supply chain are present, fully aware that we are going through a unique historical phase, in which the next few decades are at stake, in which innovation, sustainability but above all vision will be the buzzwords!" says Emanuele Morandi, President and CEO of Made in Steel.


"We expect from the event what it has always given us, that is, an opportunity for growth through meeting and exchange, a unique opportunity for human and professional interaction that takes on an even more extraordinary value because it comes after months of forced seclusion. Moreover, the very fact that, Federacciai, will hold our annual public meeting at Made in Steel is a clear recognition of the value we give to the event," states Alessandro Banzato, president of Federacciai.


"Made in Steel will be the place for the dress rehearsal of the comeback of those social mechanisms that I believe we all badly need. In recent years we have learnt to work, do business and socialise at a distance. I believe that  the time has come to get together again. It could also be an opportunity to work together on the most important strategic issues that are changing not only of the steel industry, but the entire way of conceiving industrial processes and the development of future societies" says Riccardo Benso, president of Assofermet.


"Steel is predictive of economic trends and is relevant to all sectors. Today we are experiencing an extraordinary moment and I believe that this is an opportunity not to be missed: BPER Banca has the ambition to play a leading role in this game by providing the industry with new tools. BPER has set up a Corporate Investment Banking Department, headed by Marco Mandelli, because we believe that this industry deserves dedicated specialists with specific skills. I'm thinking of instruments such as basket bonds, which are not simply bilateral loans, but are a relevant possible response", says Stefano Vittorio Kuhn, BPER Banca's Lombardy Area Sales Coordinator.


Made in Steel 2021 will be attended by 185 companies. 12% will come from abroad for a total of 22 international exhibitors, including 5 from Turkey, 13 from the EU and 4 from the rest of the world (India, United Arab Emirates, and Russia). The event will cover an exhibition area of approximately 10 thousand square metres.


MADE IN STEEL CONFERENCES - More than 30 Italian and international speakers will take part in the main Made in Steel conferences, held in the siderweb Conference Room in the centre of halls 9 and 11 at fieramilano Rho.


Among the are the protagonists of Italian and European steel (such as Alessandro Banzato, president of Federacciai and CEO of Acciaierie Venete; Barbara Beltrame, Confindustria vice-president for internationalisation; Gianpietro Benedetti, president of the Danieli Group; Riccardo Benso, president of Assofermet; Franco Bernabè, president Acciaierie d'Italia; Mario Caldonazzo, vice-president Eurofer and CEO Arvedi Group; Fernando Espada, president Eurometal; Antonio Gozzi, president Duferco Italia Holding; Antonio Marcegaglia, president Marcegaglia Group; Giuseppe Pasini, president Feralpi Holding).


The inauguration will also be graced by Alec Ross, Author & Innovation Advisor to Barack Obama's administration, on Tuesday 5 October at 11.30 am. The general meeting of Federacciai, the federation of Italian steel companies, is scheduled for Wednesday 6 October at 2.20 pm.




THE STEEL INDUSTRY - The main indicators of the national and European steel industry are positive. Steel production is growing, both in Italy and worldwide. After the 2020 crisis, demand for steel is recovering and is expected to continue throughout 2022.


Below is the analysis of Ufficio Studi siderweb.


Steel production - World steel production is showing a sharp increase in 2021: according to the World Steel Association, output was 1.165 billion tonnes between January and July, with an increase of more than 13% compared to the same period last year. The figure is also significantly higher than in 2019, when it totalled 1.084 billion tonnes. China is  leading the market, with a 57% share, up from 53% two years ago.


The situation is positive also in Italy: according to Federacciai, production between January and August amounted to 16.308 million tonnes, compared to 12.793 million tonnes in January-August 2020 and 15.373 million tonnes in 2019. For our country, this is the best performance since 2012. Specificallyl, flat products rose by 1 million tonnes from last year (from 6.195 to 7.132 million tonnes), while long products grew from 6.779 to 9.001 million tonnes.


Steel foreign trade - In the first half of 2021, Italy's steel foreign trade recorded a net increase: according  to the Istat data processed by siderweb, import increased by 21.1% to 14.569 million tons, while export reached 9.723 million tons, up 19% compared to the previous year. Therefore, the Italian trade deficit increased from 3.86 to 4.85 million tonnes.


Steel-using sectors - The activity rate of the steel-using sectors in the European Union is recovering sharply in 2021. After the sharp decline in 2020 (-12.5%), production is expected to increase by 11.2% this year, with a particularly strong rebound in household appliances (+15.0%), metal products (+12.4%) and automotive (+12.2%). In 2022, consumer sector demand is expected to increase by 4.2% and approximate 2018 activity levels. Compared to 2018, construction, machinery and mechanical equipment, metal products and household appliances are expected to outperform, while automotive, pipes and other transport equipment will need more time to return to the levels of three years ago.



Another important milestone for the Conference & Exhibition: ISO 20121 certification for the sustainable design and management of the 2023 edition

Customer satisfaction 2023 confirms the positive trend of Made in Steel

Here are the data of the questionnaire filled in by exhibitors and visitors, certified by the research institute GRS s.r.l.

Made in Steel supports the I.S.E.O. Summer School 2023

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