Knowledge, cross-fertilisation and cooperation are, since the first edition, the three key factors on which Made in Steel is based. "We are convinced of the need to invest in training and culture as essential elements to face the challenges of the future" - said Emanuele Morandi, CEO of Made in Steel at the closing meeting of the eighth edition of the Conference & Exhibition. "All the future changes require, not only from the steel community but from the whole society, a profound change of mind capable of eradicating, in the true sense of the word, some of the dominant features of current thinking, which tends to attribute an immanent and absolute role to technology" - continues Morandi - "but human capital will also play an essential role".

The centrality of human being , the main theme of the 2019 edition, translates into the constant commitment of Made in Steel to enhance startups and innovative realities , but also in the support of young people and in the promotion of the spread of culture.

For this reason, the Conference & Exhibition has been supporting for years the I.S.E.O Summer School, the summer course organized by the Institute for Economic Studies and Employment, which takes place in Iseo, in Northern Italy, in June and attracts between 60 and 80 students every year from the most important universities in the world.

The student who this year has benefited from the scholarship sponsored by Made in Steel is Wen Jie Koh, in the picture below while receiving the certificate of participation from Alvin Roth and William Sharpe, respectively Nobel Prize for Economics in 2012 and 1990, who participated in the summer course among the many internationally renowned teachers.