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siderweb – THE ITALIAN STEEL COMMUNITY is at the heart of Made in Steel; it created and developed the Conference & Exhibition. With years of experience to its name, siderweb can truly be considered the Italian steel industry’s key point of reference, being the sole online daily newspaper covering exclusively facts and events connected to the steelmaking industry and market.

In the 2021 edition of Made in Steel siderweb will be live with the siderweb tv, a streaming on the siderweb YouTube channel of all the conventions and main events that will animate the three-day Conference & Exhibition. A schedule rich in contributions and focuses on the steel industry: in-depth analyses by experts, the voices of the key players from the main stage of the siderweb Conference Room, interviews with exhibitors and visitors, daily discussions with all operators.  

siderweb provides news, in-depth analysis, exclusive interviews, daily press reviews, reports, its own weekly newscast (the siderweb TG), full-length, subject-specific reports, to name but a few of the services developed and managed by the siderweb Editorial Team.

Information on markets, certified steel prices, training and personalized consultancy are the province of siderweb Research Department.

Events like Bilanci d’Acciaio, Stati Generali dell’ACCIAIO and Made in Steel itself are hands-on opportunities for operators of the supply chain to get first-hand information and exchange views. The meetings are coordinated and managed by siderweb’s Events Team.

The community is especially all about synergies, projects and new ideas. An example is Bilanci d’Acciaio (Steel Financial Results), the strategic and prospective analysis of no less than 3700 financial reports of steel firms, one of a kind in Italy. As well as a key meeting for the industry, Bilanci d’Acciaio has over the years become a consolidated research project, concluding with the publication of its results. The report provides a deep dive into the steel sector and is a key tool, giving a truly comprehensive view of the Italian steel market.

siderweb is not only events, it is also strategical projects. Like Industria e Acciaio 2030 (Industry and Steel 2030), an ambitious year-long study in which operators on different levels of the supply chain exchange knowledge with the aim of understanding where the industry is going and what the future holds. The study looked at the macro areas of sustainability, innovation, distribution and logistics. Concluded during Made in Steel 2015, it led to the publication of a printed report. It then found its natural prosecution in the Stati Generali dell’ACCIAIO (STEEL General Assembly). The one-year long project ended with the publication of the booklet “STEEL General Assembly”, which was presented during the first day of Made in Steel 2017. The steel community questioned some of the key players of the Italian and international steel value chain about steel geographies and markets and about innovation and digital revolution.

The discussion and research into the major themes of innovation in the steel sector continued in 2018 with innovA – the future of steel isn’t what it used to be. Conceived and organized by Made in Steel, innovA proposed an innovative format to the steel supply chain: 3 days of meetings, conferences and presentations that allowed the exchange and the creation of new partnerships between steel players, innovative startups and companies related to the processes of digitization, additive manufacturing, IOT.

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