06 Oct 2021

Made in Steel Awards: the winners are AFV Beltrame Group, Feralpi Group and Acciaierie Venete

Best Communication Booth goes to Beltrame, Most Friendly Booth to Feralpi and Best International booth to Acciaierie Venete

The Steel Vision conference, held in the siderweb Conference Room, focused on ideas and a vision for the steel of tomorrow with Barbara Beltrame (Confindustria), Gianpietro Benedetti (Danieli Group), Mario Caldonazzo (Eurofer) and Fernando Espada (Eurometal)

Milan, 5th October 2021 – AFV Beltrame Group, Feralpi Group and Acciaierie Venete. AFV Beltrame Group, Feralpi Group and Acciaierie Venete are the winners of the Made in Steel Awards 2021 ceremony, which rounded up the first day of Made in Steel and celebrated the best fittings of the exhibition booths.

This year’s jury included Francesco Della Torre (Made in Steel), Marco Citterio (expert in the exhibition sector) and Giorgio Guidi (art director of the 2021 edition of Made in Steel).

The jury awarded AFV Beltrame Group in the Best Communication booth category for «having created an elegant, interactive and communicative space, where visitors are immersed and become part of the exhibition area». A note of merit went to Lucefin whose exhibition space “stood out for its creative use of graphics, suggesting the idea of a new beginning, with a fresh and contemporary style and a current graphic language”. Enrico Fornelli (Chief Commercial Officer) e Alain Creteur (Managing Director) received the award.

The Most Friendly booth award went to Feralpi Group for “having created a welcoming and friendly place, by two adjacent booths joined by a central square that welcomes and accompanies the visitor”.  Giovanni Pasini (Group CEO) received the award.

Finally, the Best International Stand award went to Acciaierie Venete for «standing out as the booth with the widest international breath of the event.The space is characterized by elegance and a universally shared language». Francesco Semino (External Relations Director) received the award.

STEEL VISION – The steel of the future was the protagonist on the stage of the siderweb Conference Room during the “STEEL VISION: preparing for the steel of tomorrow” conference. Among the main conference topics: communication, sustainability, digitization and staff training. The industry dynamics were analyzed by Barbara Beltrame (Confindustria Vice President for Internationalization), Gianpietro Benedetti (President of the Danieli Group), Mario Caldonazzo (Vice President Eurofer) and Fernando Espada (President Eurometal), interviewed by Lucio Dall’Angelo (siderweb General Manager).

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