The evolution of the automotive market and its impact on the steel industry

Arval’s vision and Globalsider’s experience for the supply chain

Beta Conference Room (Hall 24 - 2nd floor)
Wednesday, May 10, 2023
from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Organized by Globalsider 

Automotive is one of the sectors with the biggest investment in development and technology and the second largest user of steel in Italy. Car manufacturers and service centres provide the automotive industry with experience, products, and service and are an unbreakable pairing. Even at a time of extraordinary change, like the present, marked by the energy transition that is leading towards hybrid and electric vehicles, the 'steel system' is at the side of the automotive industry.

The aim of the seminar organised by Arval, Europe's largest fleet manager, and Globalsider, a strip service centre, is to provide operators with indications on the evolution of the automotive market (economic situation and long-term trends) and on the solutions that service centres, particularly those dedicated to strips, can deploy to consolidate their structural relationships.

Event upon invitation.


  • Gianfranco Tosini - Analyst siderweb Research Office
  • Massimiliano Abriola - Head of ARVAL Mobility Observatory
  • Tommaso Sandrini - Coordinator Service Centers Flat Products Assofermet
  • Ruggero Ceriali - CEO OMR Remedello
  • Alessandro Caobelli - Procurement Director Globalsider


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