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Not authorized exhibitors’ directories

Dear exhibitors, we have recently become aware of the fact that Mulpor Company S.R.L. – International Fairs Directory based in Costa Rica and Finad Economy L.D.A. – International Fairs Directory based in Portugal have been sending various communications, with illegitimately reference to Made in Steel, requesting the confirmation of some company data for a following update.
After confirming, International Fairs Directory issues alleged invoices and makes pressing payment requests.
Such conduct is illegal and fraudulent and we would like to highlight that Made in Steel is in no way related to these companies and/or the above initiatives.

It has come to the attention of Made in Steel that a person unknown to us going by the name of Ayla Nehemiah of Hypo Data List (with whom we have no relationship or contact) is trying unlawfully to sell a presumed list of personal data of participants at Made in Steel events.
This is very probably an attempted fraud and in any case conduct in clear violation of the prevailing privacy regulations. We have already issued an official cease and desist order through our lawyers. We, therefore, invite you to ignore any similar request you might receive and inform us promptly so that we may take appropriate action, legal if necessary, to protect us both.
We remain at your complete disposal for further clarification.

We have also recently become aware of the fact that some external entities have been sending exhibitors of national and international trade shows various commercial offers, requesting confirmation of personal data and requesting payment for services on behalf of Made in Steel, even though these external entities are not in any way connected to our exhibition nor to our organization.

In this respect, we would like to highlight that we have not in any way authorised any external companies to sell on our behalf any form of advertising, products or services and/or to use our trademarks and logos. We kindly invite you to contact our office for any eventual doubts so we can make all necessary verifications.