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Event’s general rules

Protocol to contain the diffusion of the new coronavirus

Swab Hub exhibition center

Swab hubs will be available at the entrances to the exhibition center where it will be possible to carry out a rapid antigen test on site.
The hubs will be located at East GateCargo 1South Gate and West Gate and will be open from 07.30 to 17.30 (during the assembly and disassembly days only the first two indicated will be open).
The cost of the swab is €21 and 72,50 for RT-PCR test, charged to the visitor/exhibitor.

The COVID-19 Green Certification verification process involves the use of the VerificationC19 app, installed on a mobile device. This application allows you to verify the authenticity and validity of the certifications without the need for an internet connection (offline) and without storing personal information on the verifier’s device.