09 May 2016

WE STEEL BELIEVE – Video launch of 2015 edition

Do we really know what role steel plays in our daily life? To highlight how relevant steel is in everything we do,  Made in Steel opened  the Industry and Steel 2030 conference with the latest institutional video especially made for the 2015 edition. Yet another way for  Made in Steel to emphasize  the pivotal role of steel today as well as in the future. We Steel Believe.

Realized by siderweb – THE ITALIAN STEEL COMMUNITY – www.siderweb.com

Direction: Tes Mehari


STEEL HUMAN – Sustainability and innovation

The title of the eighth edition of Made in Steel has been unveiled. “A human steel to stay human” the idea at its origins

Made in Steel 2017: the music of steel

Steel is music. Steel is energy. Steel is life. At Made in Steel 2017 major international players of the steel making industry are playing as one orchestra the notes of the world oldest industry, writing the music script that will lead tomorrow’s steel opera.
The music has already started.