06 Oct 2021

Steel: sustainable DNA at the heart of the cities of tomorrow

The second day of the MIS conference will start with a focus on the Polis of the future, followed by Federacciai General Assembly

Innovation and sustainability will be essential for the future of the steel industry as well as for our society as a whole. The second day of Made in Steel 2021 opens under the banner of the green steel trends to explore new ways of thinking, building, living, and developing tomorrow’s cities.

At 10:30, at the siderweb Conference Room, our panellists will be exploring the role that steel can play in rethinking and recreating new and sustainable urban planning. This will be the main topic of the round table discussion “POLIS, innovation and sustainability for a new idea of the world“, with Davide Albertini Petroni (Confindustria Assoimmobiliare), Annalisa Citterio (CNH Industrial), Antonio Citterio (Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel) and Carlo Mapelli (Polytechnic of Milan).

Starting at 14.20, the traditional annual General Assembly of Federacciai will take the stage of the siderweb Conference Room. In line with the key topics of Made in Steel, the title of the event is “Steel designs the future” with Alessandro Banzato (Federacciai), Giancarlo Giorgetti (Minister of Economic Development), Vannia Gava (Undersecretary of Ecological Transition), Carlo Bonomi (Confindustria). If you wish to attend, please register at www.federacciai.it is.


Made in Steel 2021: over 13,000 participants at the steel Renaissance

The ninth edition of the Steel Conference & Exhibition beyond expectations.

Together we can. Together everything is possible

Thank you all. Thank you for being there and bringing the enthusiasm of the restart at Made in Steel 2021.

The present and the future of Steel will be the main topic of the last day of Made in Steel 2021

The morning will be devoted to examining the distributors’ market. Bilanci d’Acciaio will close the three-day event.