20 Jun 2016

CEO Emanuele Morandi rewards the best student of I.S.E.O Summer School

Mónika Galambosné Tiszberger, a Pècs (Hungary) University assistant professor, has been awarded the scholarship sponsored by Made in Steel for I.S.E.O Summer School 2016. The Hungarian student is an assistant professor in probability and statistics, statistical modelling, multivariate statistics, business statistics and statistical analysis of macroeconomic data.

Mónika Galambosné Tiszberger was awarded by the 2015 Economic Nobel Prize winner Angus Deaton and the CEO of Made in Steel Emanuele Morandi on 16th June during the gala dinner at Palazzo Lana, organized thanks to the collaboration of Cantine Berlucchi.

Angus Deaton was not the only eminent guest of the ceremony. The 2001 Economic Nobel Prize winner, Joseph Stinglittz was also present among other leading world economists.

Emanuele Morandi and Mónika Galambosné Tiszberger
The award ceremony

The I.S.E.O Summer School, in fact, is one of the few summer courses in the world with Nobel Laureates teaching. The high specialized website Inomics has included the I.S.E.O Summer School in the top ten list of the best Summer Schools in Economics in the world. The I.S.E.O Summer School takes place every year in Iseo in the month of June; its aim is that of gathering about 80 participants coming from the most important international universities to improve their knowledge in economics.

The choice of candidates is based on curriculum vitae and student’s preparation. The most talented students are awarded with a scholarships worth 1.500 € offered by Made in Steel.

Furthermore, on 17th June at and with the collaboration of the University of Brescia, the conference “Health, Growth and Finance” promoted by I.S.E.O Summer School took place. During the conference, Angus Deaton – alongside other eminent lecturers – explored an interesting theme on the cross between international economy and medicine.


Made in Steel 2021: over 13,000 participants at the steel Renaissance

The ninth edition of the Steel Conference & Exhibition beyond expectations.

Together we can. Together everything is possible

Thank you all. Thank you for being there and bringing the enthusiasm of the restart at Made in Steel 2021.

The present and the future of Steel will be the main topic of the last day of Made in Steel 2021

The morning will be devoted to examining the distributors’ market. Bilanci d’Acciaio will close the three-day event.