04 Jul 2016

Emanuele Morandi speaker in Exhibition Forum & Training

Knowing the Customer as a Strategic Success Key. This is the title of the forum scheduled for July 6th at 14.15 at the Hilton hotel in Milan, Via Luigi Galvani, to which took part also the CEO of Made in Steel, Emanuele Morandi. The forum was only a part of the broader Exhibition Forum & Training, an event that, in one day, brought together the operation managers and the decision-making persons – in just a word, all the excellence – of the Italian trade fair sector.

The Exhibition Forum & Training started from the understanding on how the current competitive context requires an increasing ability to control the key indicators in each of the different business areas: in addition to all the economic aspects, become fundamental knowing the customer, constantly monitoring their satisfaction and properly understanding each customer’s feedback to be used as a strategic key.

About the relationship with the customers, bringing directly their experience, as well as Emanuele Morandi spoke also Emilio Bianchi (Senaf) and Corrado Facco (Vicenza Fiera). In this unmissable workshop also participated Enrico Gallorini (GRS Research & Strategy) which focused on key variables to be monitored in terms of customer relationship, presenting for the first time the benchmark survey data on the satisfaction of international exhibitors and visitors, with a particular focus on the Italian market.

exhibition forum and training milan
The Exhibition Forum and Training audience

The other part of the forum has been dedicated to the Italian Exhibition System in the Global Context, a workshop that aimed to understand the new guidelines that the sector should approach to better face the future. Fair ground owners and the supply chain in general terms are called to “play the game”, to review the standards of their organizational and business processes and to measure themselves against an increasingly hardened international competition and also with the contamination of elements that come from other business fields. Talking about these issues was Francesca Golfetto (Bocconi University) which offered food for thought for all the attendees, Antonio Bruzzone (General Manager BolognaFiere), Antonio Cellie (Fiere di Parma), Corrado Facco (Fiera di Vicenza ), Antonio Intiglietta (Ge. Fi. – Exhibition Management) and Giovanni Mantovani (CEO of VeronaFiere).


Made in Steel 2021: over 13,000 participants at the steel Renaissance

The ninth edition of the Steel Conference & Exhibition beyond expectations.

Together we can. Together everything is possible

Thank you all. Thank you for being there and bringing the enthusiasm of the restart at Made in Steel 2021.

The present and the future of Steel will be the main topic of the last day of Made in Steel 2021

The morning will be devoted to examining the distributors’ market. Bilanci d’Acciaio will close the three-day event.