05 Jun 2018

innovA launches the contest “ACCIAIO 4.0” for Italian startups

innovA, the first convention entirely dedicated to innovation in the steel industry, will be held at Brixia Forum (Brescia, Italy) on 20, 21 and 22 September 2018.

In fact, during the three-day event organized by Made in Steel, there will be not only a full program of conferences and meetings, but also an opportunity to enhance the young enterprises that propose innovative business models for the steel industry and its value chain.

In collaboration with Digital Magics, the business incubator of Italian startups, innovA launches “ACCIAIO 4.0 – Startup contest”, designed to identify the best innovative solutions for the steel industry.

The Italian startups who are interested to join the contest, can register and participate in the competition by sending before 6 July their application on http://openinnovation.digitalmagics.com/it/challenge/acciaio4-0.


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