13 Jun 2018

Made in Steel confirmed as international exhibition

Now in its eighth edition, Made in Steel has once again received confirmation of its international trade fair status from Regione Lombardia, with Regional Economic Development Office order no. 4690 of 4 April.

On the basis of the Unified Text of Regional Law on Commerce and Trade Fairs, every year the regional authority determines how representative Lombardy’s trade shows are of the business sector in question, attributing the title regional, national or international exhibition. For 2019, only 67 fairs in Lombardy qualify for international certification, of which only 3 in the Industry, Technology, Heavy Engineering category.

Made in Steel’s qualification for the next edition is further recognition of the event’s distinctive international character, the latest edition seeing an 18% increase in foreign exhibitors and a rise in the number of foreign countries to 74 from 2015. But above all it confirms the importance of the Conference & Exhibition for the Italian and international steel industry.


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