19 Jul 2016

The Steel Industry is with Made in Steel Conference & Exhibition!

STRONGER TOGETHER! The associations that have already guaranteed their support to Made in Steel have fully seized the spirit of the motto of the next edition.

Assofermet – with over 800 companies, belonging to more than 20 commodity categories, employing around 30 thousand people nationally – is the Italian Association of companies operating in trade, distribution and pre manufacturing of steel products and of traders in nonferrous metals and in ferrous scrap, in addition to companies operating in distribution of metalware.

Assofond is the Italian Foundries’ Federation; is part of Confindustria and is subdivided into specific associations to better understand the needs of the industry: these are the associations of cast iron foundries, steel foundries, precision foundries and nonferrous metals foundries.

Centro Inox is a non-profit association that deals with the study and the development of stainless steel applications. Centro Inox takes care of the overall development of all kinds of stainless steels and of all kinds of products. Centro Inox is member of Euro Inox (European stainless steel development association) and of ISSF (International Stainless Steel Forum).

Federacciai, the Federation of Italian Steel Companies is part of Confindustria and today gathers more than 150 companies producing and transforming over 95% of the Italian steel output.

«The importance of Made in Steel is so constantly increasing», states the President of Federacciai, Antonio Gozzi, so that in 2015, the Federation held in the Conference & Exhibition its annual assembly. An event that Gozzi hopes to repeat in 2017 edition «because we are convinced that in difficult times like these all the components of the steel industry should join forces». Roberto Lunardi, President of Assofermet, shares a similar view: «We think that in the most difficult times, in order to defend the distribution system, the different components of the industry risk to focus only on their own specific problems, when instead it is necessary to identify shared solutions able to take advantage to every ring of the steel chain». 

Roberto Ariotti, President of Assofond, highlights the value of the rich conference calendar able to «give life to reflections of great interest as is the case of “Industria e Acciaio 2030”, the study of Siderweb presented during the 2015 edition». For this reason, Ariotti is sure that also the 2017 edition, which will be hinged onto the conclusions of the works of the year-long project “Stati Generali dell’ACCIAIO”, will keep its great promises. Centro Inox, by its side, presents itself at Made in Steel with a specific goal, «making stainless steel known to those who consume it», explains CEO Fausto Capelli.  Through Made in Steel, Centro Inox intends on reaffirming its operative strategies «which are reflected in the informative and cultural soul of Made in Steel»



Made in Steel 2021: over 13,000 participants at the steel Renaissance

The ninth edition of the Steel Conference & Exhibition beyond expectations.

Together we can. Together everything is possible

Thank you all. Thank you for being there and bringing the enthusiasm of the restart at Made in Steel 2021.

The present and the future of Steel will be the main topic of the last day of Made in Steel 2021

The morning will be devoted to examining the distributors’ market. Bilanci d’Acciaio will close the three-day event.