17 Jun 2021

Rebirth and restart the keywords of Made in Steel 2021

As the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter said, from a crisis can come a sort of creative destruction, a new force that transforms the reality we knew into something new. In the same way, we believe that the Covid-19 crisis we faced can be the engine for a new economic renaissance. An opportunity for a restart, not only for the steel industry but for all our companies and the national economy in general.

“Quoting Hirschman, a crisis situation can be tackled in three ways: fleeing, protesting, or taking responsibility. Flight is typical of the crew who, when the ship is sinking, shout “every man for himself” and just want to survive, in a selfish way. Protest is typical of those who, when faced with a difficult situation, always say “it’s the captain’s fault, it’s the decision-maker’s fault, the government is robbing us. Responsibility is the attitude of those who, faced with difficulty, roll up their sleeves and, each playing their own role, work hard to rescue the boat. Made in Steel has chosen the last way: the responsibility of organizing an event first and foremost safer for our health. But, above all, we have the responsibility of organizing an event that will focus even more on the quality of its content, investments, and the relationships generated. A concrete commitment to restart together and breathe new life into our industry” –  Emanuele Morandi, president and CEO of Made in Steel.



On Thursday 24 June, the seventeenth edition of the summer course organised by the I.S.E.O. Institute will host the Lectio Magistralis of Professor Angus Deaton, Nobel Prize in Economics 2015

Rebirth and restart the keywords of Made in Steel 2021

The next edition will be focussing more on quality and on the power to start again together

Made in Steel 2021 will be held in October

New dates: 5, 6, 7 October 2021. The decision, shared with the steel community, has received full support by the stakeholders.