14 May 2019

Watch all the Made in Steel conferences

In this page you can find the YouTube links to watch all the conferences of the eighth edition of Made in Steel, that were live streamed during the event.

Thursday. 16 May, 3.00 pm – Steel human

Thursday. 16 May, 11.00 am – Geopolitical changes and protectionist temptations are generating new scenarios: threats or opportunities?

Wednesday, 15 May, 3.00 pm – The future of end-users: the sustainable mobility

Wednesday, 15 May, 12.45 pm – Shaping the future. Caleotto and SMS together for quality steels

Wednesday, 15 May, 9.30 am – Steel on stage – International contest for startups

Tuesday, 14 May, 5.00 pm – Innovation and 4.0 technology in a new hot rolling mill for specialty steels

Tuesday, 14 May, 2.30 pm – Steel vision: a global perspective

Tuesday, 14 May, 10.30 am – Inauguration and conference Sustainability and innovation for people


Made in Steel 2021: new dates, new halls, more business, and visibility

Important news for the main Conference & Exhibition in Southern Europe dedicated to the steel industry. To strengthen the supply chain it will be held in conjunction with Lamiera, MADE expo and Transpotec Logitec.

Made in Steel invests in culture and training to support the I.S.E.O Summer School

Provided the 2019 scholarship sponsored by Made in Steel

STEEL HUMAN – From Made in Steel 2019 more innovation and sustainability. A new paradigm for steel.

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