17 Dec 2018

STEEL HUMAN – Sustainability and innovation

«STEEL HUMAN – Sustainability and innovation is the title we chose for the 2019 edition of Made in Steel. Read it, let it echo in your mind and listen to its sound. Then you will hear steel, our beloved steel, vibrate in the same way as “still”. A human steel to stay human. And how could that happen if not by using the levers of sustainability and innovation, the cornerstones of the steel of the future?”

From the words of Emanuele Morandi, CEO of Made in Steel, we clearly understand that the main theme of the 2019 edition of the international event, which will be held from 14 to 16 May at fieramilano Rho (Milan), is going to be the idea of man as a central player in the steel industry. In terms of contents and conferences, the STEEL HUMAN macro theme will be split into areas of analysis. On the one hand, technological innovation, the relationship between man and machine, and additive manufacturing. On the other hand, sustainability, reduction of consumption, recycling and circular economy. Important issues that increasingly affect the steel industry as well.


STEEL HUMAN – Sustainability and innovation

The title of the eighth edition of Made in Steel has been unveiled. “A human steel to stay human” the idea at its origins

Made in Steel 2017: the music of steel

Steel is music. Steel is energy. Steel is life. At Made in Steel 2017 major international players of the steel making industry are playing as one orchestra the notes of the world oldest industry, writing the music script that will lead tomorrow’s steel opera.
The music has already started.