28 Jun 2018

Steel innovation and digitization from the EU to innovA

The convention organized by Made in Steel has presented a new vision of the steel industry to the European Commission.

Among the objectives of innovA, as well as generating content and opportunities to bring steel companies closer to startups, there is above all the desire to promote a new approach: to see the steel industry with new eyes, those of innovation.

In order to achieve this goal, the innovation convention for the steel industry organized by Made in Steel (20-21-22 September, Brixia Forum – Brescia, Italy) is bringing to the attention of the European Commission programs and projects dedicated to innovation and digitization.

After meeting with Carlos Moedas, European commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, on Thursday 21 June Emanuele Morandi, Made in Steel CEO, and Francesca Morandi, Made in Steel council member, had a meeting with Manuel Mateo Goyet, coordinator of the Cabinet of the European Commissioner for Digital economy and society Mariya Gabriel. Lucilla Sioli, director for Digital industry, and Fabrizia Benini, head of unit in charge for Digital Economy and Skills also took part in the meeting.

The representatives of the European institution have shown great enthusiasm for the mission and the innovative spirit of innovA. They also expressed interest in collaborating with siderweb – The Italian steel community (the organizer of Made in Steel) in a medium-long term perspective for the diffusion to the Italian steel industry of the next European Community programs dedicated to innovation and digitization. A new challenge that perfectly embodies the spirit of innovA and of siderweb, able to act as a spokesperson for the demands of the national steel industry, transferring them to the European institutions.

Lucilla Sioli, Emanuele Morandi, Manuel Mateo Goyet, Fabrizia Benini, Francesca Morandi

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