The international Conference & Exhibition dedicated to the steel industry will be held from 9 to 11 May 2023 at fieramilano Rho.
Record sales in the first four months: 70% of the exhibition area already taken up


  • CEO Paolo Morandi: “Steel companies are facing an unprecedented complexity”

  • The steel scenario: energy costs are increasingly affecting margins. Decisive semester for the steel industry's short to medium-term future


Flero (Bs), 30 September 2022 - More than 70 per cent of the exhibition space has been reserved or purchased in just under four months since the opening of sales. This is the best result ever for Made in Steel, the international Conference & Exhibition dedicated to the steel industry to be held at fieramilano Rho from 9 to 11 May 2023, organised by siderweb - La community dell'acciaio (The steel community).


The tenth edition of the international event already boasts about 23% of international exhibitors. The start was very fast and the race towards the event is also continuing with the initial momentum: space reservations are proceeding at a fast pace, so much so that work is underway to open additional exhibition areas. About 12 thousand square metres of space either purchased or reserved eight months before the event, a true record.

In short, Made in Steel confirms its role as a reference point for the international steel industry, a place where market trends are intercepted, and tools are provided to understand the world steel scenario of today and tomorrow. It is precisely to the future of the steel industry that the title and visual of the tenth edition of the event are dedicated.


THE TITLE AND VISUAL OF MADE IN STEEL 2023 – “GENERATIONS, re-imagining our world” encompasses both the historical roots of the generations that have made the world as it is today, and the openness to those that must rethink it, tackling the current imbalance, the challenges of sustainability, and technological changes.


"We have chosen an evocative title for Made in Steel 2023, a title that looks to the future," said Paolo Morandi, CEO of Made in Steel. "We have called the tenth edition of the International Conference & Exhibition “Generations” because we are experiencing a historical change and companies in the steel industry are confronted with unprecedented complexity. We are facing a new world, with a horizon of uncertainty that we must imagine and build together. During the three-day event we will explore the most important themes for the steel industry: innovation, sustainability, and energy, sharing ideas about the steel that will shape our cities, our mobility, our future, and that of the next generations”.


These are the key elements of the visual of the tenth edition of the event. They represent and symbolise research and development, green energy generation, mobility, new technologies, collaboration, markets, and people. Drawings by adults and children who imagine and invent the next future. 

A positive message, a thrust towards 2023, a year that is expected to be very complicated for the world steel industry.


THE STEEL SCENARIO - The European steel industry is in a phase of uncertainty and imbalance: slowing down productio and weakening demand juxtaposed to a rebound in the prices of steel products that is typical of the opposite market scenario.


Steel production in Italy has indeed decreased this year, down 10% in the January-August period according to Federacciai. European output has also fallen in the same period: -6.9%, according to the latest report of the World Steel Association. A trend that in Italy and Europe seems likely not only to continue, but to worsen in the coming months. Many mills have announced shutdowns, production slowdowns or have applied for social buffers.


Given the present energy crisis, European and Italian steel producers are caught between two fires: on the one hand, low product prices, also due to a demand that is no longer as vigorous as in previous months because of the slowdown in economic growth; on the other hand, high production costs, driven by rising gas and electricity prices.

According to the cost model by Ufficio Studi siderweb updated last September, energy costs (coal, gas and electricity) account for approximately 45% of the production cost of a tonne of steel (mean values for blast furnaces and electric furnaces), compared to 30% at the beginning of the year.


“The surge in gas and electricity prices, and the low prices of finished products, are heavily eroding steel companies' profits” explained Gianfranco Tosini Ufficio Studi siderweb, “It should be noted that high gas prices have a greater impact on electric furnaces, because higher gas prices lead to higher electricity prices. As a result, from January to August this year, the incidence of energy on steel production costs of electric steel companies jumped from 18% to 41%”.


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Made in Steel 2025: save the date

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Another important milestone for the Conference & Exhibition: ISO 20121 certification for the sustainable design and management of the 2023 edition

Customer satisfaction 2023 confirms the positive trend of Made in Steel

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