Made in Steel renewed its support for the I.S.E.O. Summer School in Economics, the advanced training course organized by the I.S.E.O. Institute.
Every June, since 2004, the course has welcomed between 60 and 80 students from prestigious international universities. The aim is to foster analysis and discussion on the global economy, with a strong emphasis on social issues such as development, inequality, labour markets, sustainable economics, climate economics and the impact of digital technologies. These crucial themes are also highly relevant to the steel industry. At Made in Steel, we try to explore these topics year after year through a comprehensive conference programme.
The 2024 edition of the Summer School, entitled “The World Economy's Shifting Winds. New Challenges, Threats and Opportunities”, took place from 15 to 22 June and hosted around 80 students from 32 countries and 57 faculties. The panel of speakers included three Nobel Prize winners in Economics and internationally renowned economists.
This year, the scholarship offered by Made in Steel was awarded to Jiayi Han, a young Chinese student currently attending a master's degree course at the Australian National University.

Investing in culture and next generations means investing in our future. For this reason, we are committed to supporting initiatives that promote cultural enrichment and professional growth, aware that knowledge and sharing are fundamental to face the challenges of tomorrow.