Sustainability means not only caring for the environment, but, above all, preserving future generations and not compromising their needs. Everyone can do their part, companies, associations, and individual citizens. The steel industry is no different and boasts important examples of companies that make sustainability their cornerstone.


What makes a sustainable event?

An event can be sustainable if it is "designed, planned and implemented in a way that minimizes negative impacts on the environment and leaves a positive legacy for the host community" (United Nations Environment Programme - UNEP 2009).


To reduce the direct impact on the surrounding area and community, Made in Steel has started the certification process issued by RINA according to the ISO 20121 standard for the sustainable organization of the 10th edition of the Conference & Exhibition. 


Made in Steel Sustainability Policy, which concerns both the activities inherent to the exhibition section and the conference activities, reflects the organization's commitment to comply with all the legal and voluntary requirements defined by the standard and to continuously improve performance to achieve the goals set by Made in Steel.


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