Made in Steel is the international Conference & Exhibition for the steel industry. 

Made in Steel is the perfect balance between business and debate, hands-on operations and reflection. An industry showcase, Made in Steel also hosts a raft of meetings, forums and roundtables promoting the sort of in-depth sector knowledge that is key to company competitiveness.

Made in Steel was designed and has been developed over the years by siderweb - THE ITALIAN STEEL COMMUNITY The tenth edition took place from 9 to 11 May 2023 at fieramilano Rho (Milan, Italy). 




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«Our beloved world of steel is facing a complexity unprecedented in its recent history. A change of scenario that must be interpreted and managed by trying to anticipate a future where three challenges converge: understand and adopt new technologies, because those who ignore them will be out of the market; embrace sustainability, because the linear 'produce-consume-discard' model has become  obsolete and only those who embrace the new circular economy model will have a future; provide truthful and transparent communication, opening  doors to the final consumer's scrutiny.

We will present our vision once again at Made in Steel in May 2023, with our usual humbleness and the courage to listen to the entire supply chain».


Emanuele Morandi
Made in Steel’s President 


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