siderweb - THE ITALIAN STEEL COMMUNITY is at the heart of Made in Steel; it created and developed the international Conference & Exhibition for the steel industry. In the 2021 edition of Made in Steel siderweb was live with the siderweb tv, a streaming on the siderweb YouTube channel of all the conventions and main events that will animate the three-day Conference & Exhibition. A schedule rich in contributions and focuses on the steel industry: in-depth analyses by experts, the voices of the key players from the main stage of the siderweb Conference Room, interviews with exhibitors and visitors, daily discussions with all operators.   


siderweb is the main Italian body of information, analysis and consultancy specialized in the steel sector. Established in 2001, siderweb intercepted the need of steel producers, distributors and users for information, services and advice. Focusing on the web, and realizing its potential, siderweb was a pioneer at a time when fax was the fastest means of communication.   

siderweb has gathered a community that includes the protagonists of the national steel industry. It is an independent container of news, analysis, data, and opinions. It is the daily point of reference and comparison for steel actors.

siderweb constantly promotes and organizes conferences, webinars and outlooks throughout the year. Their main annual event, "Bilanci d'Acciaio", is the itinerant presentation of the homonymous publication in the main steelmaking areas of Italy. "Bilanci d'Acciaio" is an analysis of over 5 thousand balance sheets of companies operating in the domestic steel industry. The year 2020 marks its twelfth edition.


The siderweb Research Office generates in-depth studies, analysis and consultancy in the steel field. Since February 2009, every week, it reports the Italian market prices of 44 raw materials, semi-finished and finished steel products. Moreover, it reports monthly the prices of ten types of special steels long products for mechanical industry, hot forging and wires for springs.


As a result of a long-lasting collaboration and constant exchange, in February 2014 DMS StatLab (Laboratory of Methods, Systems and Data Statistics) of the University of Brescia awarded siderweb the official certification of their steel and scrap price monitoring activities on the Italian market. At the end of 2017 siderweb, with the collaboration of external professionals, carried out a review of the methodologies in compliance with the antitrust law.


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